• Ekal is completely transparent.
  • You know exactly where your donation is going.
  • Once you donate a school, you are given an ID and a password.
  • You can go online, and monitor the progress and get the information of your own school.


  • Teachers are selected from the same village and are invested in improving their community
  • Ekal schools are set the goal to become self-sufficient in 5-7 years
  • Ekal trains every single teacher with a specific curriculum in mind.
  • Children are taught in their local language.
  • Ekal’s long-term objective is to create self-sustaining villages by providing economic and social empowerment, in addition to literacy.


  • India contributes 70% of Ekal’s entire donation, with US giving 28% and the rest of the countries giving 2%.

We encourage you to bring your family to visit any Ekal schools during their next trip to India. Come be a part of this enriching experience that helps us appreciate and view education in a whole new light!

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